MOST WANTED – Der Katalog

MOST WANTED – Der Katalog (MOST WANTED – the catalogue), 2016
black velvet, paper, leather binding with gold stamping
dimensions ca. 22 x 30 x 2 cm
exhibition view: „MOST WANTED – Hier finden Sie das Glück“ (MOST WANTED – you may find happiness here), Berlin 2016

Artist Johanna Smiatek presents in her exhibition "MOST WANTED" the quest for happiness and shows promises which are made by mass media, advertising and online shops. Happiness, not as a sensory condition, but as a nondurable good.
The artwork MOST WANTED – Der Katalog (MOST WANTED – the catalogue) revisits the issue of the quest for love on the internet. Similar to catalogues for fashion or other goods, people will be offered online. By dint of blank forms you can send a smile or a compliment.
MOST WANTED – the catalogue shows a choice of possibilities and conversations on some online platforms. It is the artistic result of the research of the artist on the internet.

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