Born in Hannover
1987 – 1988 Mathematics Studies at the University Hannover
1988 – 1992 Graphics and Design Studies at the Fachhochschule Hildesheim / Holzminden
1992 Diploma in Graphics and Design (BA / MA)
1993 – 1998 Fine Arts Studies at the Braunschweig Academy of Arts
1996 Diploma in Fine Arts (BA / MA)
1997 Meisterschülerin – Final degree of Postgraduate Study of Fine Arts
Scholarships and Awards
2023 Nomination for the NORDWESTKUNSTPREIS, Wilhelmshaven Art Hall
2021 Travel Grant for International Projects, Senate Department for Culture and Europe Berlin
2018 Support by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds of the project “SEX ROLE” (ProjectSpaceFestival)
2015 Residence fellowship Künstlerhaus Schloss Balmoral, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany
2015 Nomination for the Scholarship of the Berliner Senat for Tokyo
2011 Nomination for the Scholarship of the Berliner Senat for New York and Los Angeles
2010 Support by the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Brandenburg, Germany
2009 Winner of the audience award from ‘Media in Space’/Installation, ‘22. Stuttgarter Filmwinter’
2007 Support of project Gelée Royal by federal state BadenWürttemberg, Germany
2002 Support by the Stiftung Nord/LB Öffentliche
2002 Support by the Braunschweigischen Vereinigten Kloster- und Studienfonds
2002 Support of project Flickering Shoes by township Braunschweig, Germany
2001/ 2002 Scholarship of the Art Foundation in Meinersen, Niedersachsen, Germany
2000 1st artist award 2000 – ‘Objects between Art and Design’ in Gifhorn, Germany
1997 Support of the project ‘In Space’ by federal state Niedersachsen, Germany
Soloexhibitions / Lectures (selection)
2022 PlayTime – Smiatek´s Wonderful Times, STERNSTUDIO Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2021 2021 – An Earthly Odyssey, MuseumsQuartier Q21, ASIFA, Vienna, Austria
2020 Lecture „Spinning In Space or How Real Is Reality?“ within the Masterclass Artistic Research „Globe Playhouse – Expanded Animation Worlds“, Film University Babelsberg, Potsdam, Germany
2019 Lecture „Johanna Smiatek – Moving objects and installations“, Schröder & Kalender: 43. Jour Fix, Märzgesellschaft, Berlin, Germany
2019 Kulturfestspiele (Cultural Festival), Castle Neuhaus, Lübben, Germany
2017 SWEET NOTHINGS – On Stage, ZAGREUS PROJEKT, Berlin, Germany
2016 MOST WANTED – Hier finden Sie das Glück (you may find happiness here), rosalux, Berlin, Germany
2015 Must-have, museum FLUXUS+, Potsdam, Germany
2008 Only made for You, Kunstpunkt Berlin, Galerie für aktuelle Kunst, Germany
2007 Gelée Royal, oberwelt e.V., Stuttgart, Germany Like a Jello on Legs, Galerie R31, Berlin, Germany
2002 Exhibited and Removed, Kunstverein Gifhorn, Germany
In the End something Else…, Allgemeiner Konsumverein Braunschweig, Germany
To a Pretty View, Künstlerhaus Meinersen, Germany
1997 In Space, Künstlerhaus Hannover, Germany
Groupexhibitions (selection)
2024 PAR(I)TY WITH US – The 10 Million Euro Exhibition, aquabitArt Galerie, Berlin
2023 FABRIK, roam projects e.V., Berlin
ZERO TOLERANCE, Spor Klübü, Berlin
TRYST Art Fair, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, USA
Limits of Enlightenment, oberwelt e.V., Stuttgart, Germany
Untouched Touched, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart, Germany
NORDWESTKUNST, Wilhelmshaven Art Hall, Wilhelmshaven, Germany
2022 BLIND VISION, Rathenau Halls, Berlin
Anonymous Drawings, Gallery Körnerpark, Berlin, Germany
Saloon On Paper, Hygiene Museum Dresden, Dresden, Germany
Berlin Art Week, Ivo Wessel Collection, Berlin
Direct Auction II, Gallery Die Ganze Freiheit, Berlin
Miracle / OKO 2021 ARTS FESTIVAL (EYE NEVER SLEEPS), Castle Ostromecko / Municipal Gallery Bydgoszcz / New Palace, Bydgoszcz, Poland
2020 …You’ve Got Mail!, MOM Art Space, Hamburg, Germany
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Beautiful
, Kunstverein Hochrhein / Villa Berberich, Germany
ALLES III / ALL III, studio in the HOCHHAUS, Berlin, Germany
2019 “PEACE – dont make me laugh // You A Two Minute Brother”, Spor Klübü, Berlin
Könnte Aber Doch, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart
ART’s Birthday
, museum FLUXUS+, Potsdam, Germany
2018 The Artist As Curator´s Art, Arty Party, Schaufenster, Berlin
, Spor Klübü, Berlin
WonderWoman ART b!tch, Bar Babette, Berlin
SEX ROLE (curated by Johanna Smiatek), SchauFenster, Party Arty, Berlin, Germany
Glory, Glory, Halleluja!, Oberwelt e.V., Stuttgart, Germany
ALLES / ALL, studio in the HOCHHAUS, Berlin, Germany
2017 10 Years Kunstverein Neukölln, Kunstverein Neukölln, Berlin, Germany
The Drawing Hub Fundraiser Silent Art Auction, Curated by Jan Philipp-Fruehsorge, Berlin, Germany
Presence, Criticism, Utopia, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany
“…The Risk of Tumbling into Emptiness”, Herta Müller’s ‘Traveling on One Leg‘, Oberwelt e.V., Stuttgart, Germany
Seepferdchen und Flugfische (Seahorses And Flying Fish), Forum Alte Post, Pirmasens, Germany
2016 Seepferdchen und Flugfische, Thermen am Viehmarkt, Trier, Germany
I want to be a shine at the very top, oberwelt e.V., Stuttgart, Germany
Genese Dada – 100 Jahre Dada: Seepferdchen und Flugfische, Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck, Remagen/Bonn, Germany
2015 Fortune (Glück), VITRINE-FN #26, Friedrichshafen, Germany
Made in Balmoral, Bad Ems, Germany
You knee them in the chin…, Spor Klübü, Berlin, Germany
Die schwarze Spinne, oberwelt e.V., Stuttgart, Germany
2014 IWF – Mördertreff, Spor Klübü, Berlin, Germany
Anonymous Drawings 2014, based in Berlin. Pavillon am Milchhof, Berlin, Germany
Warten auf die Hausdurchsuchung, Galerie Hotes International Fine Art, Berlin, Germany
Dear Artist, draw for me! Part 1: abstraction, concretion, notation and structure, Semjon Contemporary – Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst, Berlin, Germany
POWER.DELUSION.VISION. The tower and urban giants in the sculpture, Museen Heilbronn, Germany
2013 POWER.DELUSION.VISION. The tower and urban giants in the sculpture, Museen Heilbronn, Germany
The End…my only friend, Neues Problem, Berlin, Germany
REMIX – 10 years in the mix!, Spor Klübü, Berlin, Germany
Schau Fenster Schau curated by Uwe Poth, SCHAU FENSTER, Party Arty, Berlin, Germany
Pandora’s Box – 100 years of Franz Kafka’s Judgement, oberwelt e.V., Stuttgart, Germany
Anonymous Drawings 2013 selection, Temporary Art Centre Eindhoven (TAC), Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Anonymous Drawings 2013 selection, Delikatessenhaus Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany
Anonymous Drawings 2013, Galerie Nord / Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany
THE MIRROR OF NARCISSUS. From Mythological Demigod to Mass Phenomenon. Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck, Austria
2012 THE MIRROR OF NARCISSUS. From Mythological Demigod to Mass Phenomenon. Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck, Austria
Cocaine – blows my brain.., Spor Klübü, Berlin
Salon Salder, Art Collection Museum Castle Salder, Salzgitter, Germany
Constellations, Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin, Germany
Anonymous Drawings Selection, Kunstakademie Århus, Denmark
2011 UNSCHARF. Nach Gerhard Richter, Kunsthalle Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Shadows of the bright,
Showroom Unter den Linden, Berlin, Germany
, Galerie Fasanen 37, Berlin, Germany
Salon Kuiperdomingos Projects
, Story Hotel, Berlin, Germany
Anonymous Drawings
, sihlquai55, Zürich, Switzerland
2010 ROHKUNSTBAU XVII, Atlantis II, Hidden Histories – Imagined Identities, Schloss Marquardt, Potsdam, Germany
Anonymous Drawings, Uferhallen, Berlin, Germany
stranded in the future, Spor Klübü, Berlin, Germany
Schuster/Schneider 2 and friends, Freies Museum Berlin, Germany
2009 Anonymous Drawings Nº10, blütenweiss, Künstlerhaus Betdanien, Berlin, Germany
DIN A 6, Kunstraum t27, Berlin, Germany
Nelson Mandela must be free, Spor Klübü, Berlin, Germany
passing through, Kunstpunkt Berlin, Galerie für aktuelle Kunst, Berlin,, Germany
Romantische Maschinen. Kinetische Kunst der Gegenwart (Romantic machines. Contemporary kinetic art), Georg-Kolbe-Museum, Berlin, Germany
Liste Basel (Anonyme Zeichner/Anonymous Drawings, blütenweiss), Switzerland
Zirkus Minimus, Walden Kunstausstellungen, Berlin, Germany
22. Filmwinter, Media in Space, Stuttgart, Germany
2008 Anonymous Drawings Nº9, blütenweiss, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany
5. Berliner Kunstsalon (Galerie Kunstpunkt Berlin), Germany
Anonymous Drawings Selection, Otterndorf, Germany
Anonymous Drawings Nº8, blütenweiss hosted by meinblau e.V., Berlin, Germany
AUTOKINO kinetic sculptures selected by Marc Wellmann, ZERN II, Berlin, Germany
2007 zeichnen, Zeichnung, Zeichen, Kunstraum t27, Berlin, Germany
Fine Art Cologne, Cologne (Galerie Kunstpunkt Berlin), Germany
inneROUTEr, MuseumMAN, Chile
4. Berliner Kunstsalon (Galerie Kunstpunkt Berlin), Germany
Hentz, Lange, Smiatek, Kunstpunkt Berlin, Galerie für aktuelle Kunst, Berlin, Germany
Anonyme Zeichner Nº7, blütenweiss zu Gast bei GLUE, Berlin, Germany
2006 Independent Biennial Liverpool 2006, Museum MAN, Liverpool, GB
City of Women, Frauenmuseum Berlin, Germany
hautnah, Kunstraum t27, Berlin, Germany
Homesickness, Otto-Nagel-Galerie, Berlin, Germany
since 1992 participations in national and international exhibitions

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