Melodymap Print

Melodymap Print 1-5, 2020
print on paper, originals, unique prints
Size each: 100 x 200 cm
Melodymap, 2020
Printed carpet
total size: 120 x 400 cm

Exhibition views:
Kunstverein Hochrhein / Villa Berberich

“Melodymap Print 1-5” are the graphic print maps of the “Melodymat” (an interactive kinetic sound object). The prints are unique, created with the three-dimensional form. They show different tracks of the “Melodymat”. The association to sound/music and dance is given.
In the widest sense the work also reminds of the “Automobile Tire Print” (1953) by Robert Rauschenberg.

The “Melodymap” is a carpet that shows the graphic map of the “Melodymat”. As in “Melodymap Print 1-5”, the original three-dimensional form was used to create footprints, which were then combined on a carpet.

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