Auf Reisen

On the journey…, 2002
suitcase, light bulb, paperboard, plasticine, fabric, spy hole

" … On the journey… (2002), was a small suitcase with a spy hole into the lined interior, within which there is a model bed and room environment. A strange pair of feet appear under the bed only adding to our uncanny sense of viewpoint. Obviously, the work has Duchampian precedents, both in terms of the suitcase or valise and the voyeuristic principle of the hidden gaze. …" 5 (Quote Mark Gisbourne)
footnote 5: The idea of the suitcase is redolent in some respects of Marcel Duchamp´s ’Boîte en Valise’ (1934-41), and the peep-hole of ‘Etant Donnés’ (1946-66). See Ecke Bonk, ‘Marcel Duchamp. The Portable Museum’ (The Making of the Boîte en Valise), London, Thames & Hudson, 1989.


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