Secret Power – Top Secret, 2016
Wood, two-way mirror glass, motion sensor, electronics, lamps, ceramic hand grenades, firing, gold and platinum plated
ca.95 x 95 x 82 cm

The artwork Secret Power – Top Secret (2016) is a mirror glass cabinet. At first appearance nothing is visible, only the observer sees himself and the exhibition space.
If the beholder comes closer a light mechanism triggered by a motion sensor inside the glass display case.
Behind the mirrors emergent lights are switched on and inside a collection of ceramic hand grenades, firing, gold and platinum plated comes into view. An aesthetic explosive power, which keeps under wraps.
A note to extravagantly expenses of every kind of warfare and an object of art, which seems to be at first secret for the beholders.
After this short moment of illumination the light fades and the viewer is returned to seeing only his own reflection in the mirrored glass cabinet.

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