My Rosso Corsa


My Rosso Corsa (or 86m/h), 2013
original Ferrari-Red, wood, metal, cardboard, electronic, motion detector
ca. 30 x 145 x 30 cm

The work My Rosso Corsa relates on the one hand to the original Ferrari-Red and on the other hand to the Constructivism of the early 20th century and the group “De Stijl”.
 The reduction of the elements of square and rectangle, as well as the colours white and red is important in this artwork. A reference to the basic geometric shape, which will set in motion in this work. 
Additional the artwork refers to the “Red Square” (1915) of Malewitsch, which he created nearly 100 years ago.
In the artwork My Rosso Corsa, translated “my red race”, the red square will be set in motion with a speed of 86 m/h by means of an integrated little conveyor belt.
 If a beholder approachs to the work, the red square begins to move subtly inside the box.


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