Ivory Tower


Ivory Tower, 2010
halftransparent mirror, lamps, motion sensor, electronic, metal
245 x 245 x 295 cm
Rohkunstbau XVII
installation view: Schloss Marquardt / Potsdam, photos: Roland Horn
© Johanna Smiatek

The pavilion called Ivory Tower is an octagonal, interactive architectural sculpture.
The viewer opens the door and enters the darkened pavilion to slowly find him/herself surrounded by mirrors showing their reflection. Thereafter a sensor mechanism is tripped, and the viewer becomes gradually aware of the emergent lights that are switched on behind the mirrors.
As the light´s intensity increases, a landscape panorama and exotic array of buildings comes into view. The light then fades and the viewer is returned to seeing his/her own reflection once more in the mirrored walls of the pavilion. (Quote: Mark Gisbourne, From Present Future to Future Past / Rohkunstbau XVII)

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