In Deine Hände (Into Your Hands), 2023
Film animation, 20 sec. loop
Presentation on a pedestal with old hand-sewn lace blankets
Exhibition views:
Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, 2023

Between touch, closeness and distance
The artistic film animation Into Your Hands shows the artist’s hands and those of her mother. The footage was recorded in 2021. A time when corona was still very present and determined togetherness. In this last phase of her mother’s life, visits could only take place with masks on. This meant that the mother could usually only see her daughter with the mask worn. This made it all the more important for both of them to touch each other through their skin. The result is a film animation about holding on and letting go of life. The video animation runs as a loop on a base on which several different handmade lace blankets from the mother’s heritage lie on top of each other.

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