Don’t touch

Don´t Touch, 2009
wallpainting, Stuttgarter Filmwinter
unfixed glimmer-pigments bronze and copper, perfume on wall
200 x 600 cm

Johanna Smiatek´s interest in the indirect or obstructed view calls into mind so-called anamorphoses, deformations constructed in perspective, challenging the viewer to eccentric, non-frontal approaches to the image. This issue also fostered her work Don´t touch for the ‘Stuttgarter Filmwinter’ in 2009. In a corner of the exhibition room, she projected writing that could only be read clearly from a single point of view. This optical dimension of the piece interacts with the material of the lettering, made of loose glittery particles, doused in perfume and associating both the seductive power and aloofness of cinema. Deliberate and random touching blurred the picture over the course of the exhibition, thereby alluding to the temporality of film, art and perception. (Quote: Marc Wellmann)

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