2021 – An Earthly Odyssey, 2021
Site-specific installation, 11:17 min, loop, video projection
Light-Object “HAL 10000”

Solo exhibition
Museumsquartier Q21 Wien
ASIFA Austria, Asifakeil

The exhibition „2021 – An Earthly Odyssey“ is on one hand based on a reference to the film „2001 – A Space Odyssey“ by Stanley Kubrick and describes on the other hand a road movie installation using footage shot on a trip through the USA in autumn 2019. In a highly abstracted and humorous way the essence of a road movie is created forming an endless loop, an endless search for happiness on the highways of America, the embodiment of mobility and freedom, especially in the current Corona Age. A reminiscence and an interpretation of Charly Chaplin‘s „Tramp“ and, as well, a series of quotations through American film history; leading from Hollywood via Twin Peaks and Zabriskie Point to Luxor in Las Vegas.
The LUXOR in Las Vegas was the inspiration for the associations with Kubrick’s science fiction movie. The glass black pyramid appears like a landed spaceship in the Nevada desert, projecting a xenon light beam from its top into space, and containing a countless fund of fantastically supernatural equipment on earth.

Another component of the installation is the light object “HAL 10,000”, which on one side refers to the Kubrik movie (HAL 9000), and on the other to the LUXOR in Las Vegas.

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