Visual Poetry

Visual Poetry – Letters 1-5, 2016 – 2020
Drawings, coloured pencil and graphite on paper, unique pieces
Size in each case: DINA4

Der Mund (The Mouth), 2003
drawing, gouche and graphite on paper
Size about: DINA4

Exhibition views:
Kunstverein Hochrhein / Villa Berberich, 2020

Visual Poetry – Letters are a series of drawings created from collages.
These collages were developed over a long period of time from different fashion magazines. The text elements create visual poems that reflect the lifestyle and the spirit of the times in which they were printed. The collages were again originally transferred into drawings. Only at second glance and on closer inspection does one realize that these are not any longer collages.

At the Kunstverein Hochrhein the drawings from the series Visual Poetry – Letters were presented together.