Love to go

LOVE TO GO – Hawker’s tray, 2018
limited edition in the hawker’s tray
plastic, special fluid for soap bubbles with synthetic human pheromones (synthetic sexual attractants), wood, velvet, car horn
Size: 50 x 30 x 20 cm

The edition LOVE TO GO was offered in several art actions and the artist had interacted with the visitors during openings at the W├╝rttembergischer Kunstverein 2017 in Stuttgart and in Berlin 2018.
The work refers to various forms of “happiness search” and promises from the media, the Internet and advertising. Happiness, not as a real state, but as a virtual “consumer good”. The work LOVE TO GO can give every visitor a brief moment of happiness that he can either take home or test right away. The soap bubbles, a symbol of mortality, are enriched with synthetically generated human pheromones (sexual attractants).