Love Machine

Love Machine, 2015/2016
dark-red velvet, wood varnished, water, bubblemachine, special fluid with pheromones
 (synthetic sexual attractant)
dimensions variable, 700 x 300 x 50 cm
exhibition view: “MOST WANTED – Hier finden Sie das Glück” (You may find happiness here), Berlin 2016

The exhibition MOST WANTED showcased the quest for happiness and shows promises which are made by mass media, advertising and online shops.
Happiness, not as a sensory condition, but as a nondurable good.
The main piece of the exhibition is the Love Machine – an interactive installation in space, that allows each visitor to enjoy a moment of happiness. The curtain, as a symbol for a stage for the Love Machine and for the visitor, who can act as a 
part of the artwork.
If the beholder comes closer to the curtain, the Love Machine produces and ejects thousands of 
soap bubbles in the air.
The soap bubbles are enriched with human synthetic pheromones and could excite happiness.
They are symbols for the transitoriness of life and love.